A premier content protection company.

Contrapine is a complete In-theatre content protection platform. Our aim is to eradicate piracy by classifying the weaknesses in the digital space. From preventative maintenance to customized solutions, we put our experience to work to provide you with greater operating time. We have a robust portfolio of solutions specially designed for your unique critical environment. Contrapine assures zero day exploits, provides custom remediation.

Contrapine’s main goal is to reciprocate to the innumerable market & industry requirements for the best solution to ensure a secure campus. We have built our vision, mission and values to support the very basis of our goal.
To provide the secure most solutions and best-in-class products for ensuring a smooth run of business for the clients through perseverance and sheer innovation while delivering supreme quality service and assistance.
Contrapine shall be the renowned pinnacle of content protection solutions and services, along with spreading a culture of passion and innovation with satisfied clients.


End-User Satisfaction

Best-in-class customer service.
Delivering innovative solutions that satisfy the needs.
Making a comfortable work environment for clients to interact with.
The clarity in specifying needs and demands for the project cycle.
We are good listeners. Client needs are our primary focus.

Solution Driven Approach

Responsibility for the customers as well as each individual.
Output focused and driven targets.
A challenging and competitive environment thrusting innovation.
Flawless project planning and execution.

Supreme Quality

Promising quality in the process more and hence ensuring quality end product.
Principled by the world’s best quality tools for execution.
Innovation and feedback form the basis of our quality assurance.
Quality control at various stages ensures a smooth run for the furnished solution.

Efficiently Ready

We polish our products over time regardless of demands and keep them ready for disposal at all times.
The best should come in the least” is the philosophy adopted at our innovation center.
Re-usability of modules and solutions generate a less time gap in the deliverance of services.